We invite you to explore the Master Builder Advisor, our informative company newsletter. There are lots of great articles to peruse on building trends, renovating ideas, case studies, company news, and of course some master builder advice!

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 6 Issue 1

Renovating a period home can be a considerable undertaking and often requires the right professional team to help with the design and construction process. This issue of the Master Builder Advisor presents two different Tudor renovations and the stories behind how these homes were restored to their architectural splendor.

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 5 Issue 1

If it's too hot ...stay out of the kitchen! Good advice in the heat of the summer except when a kitchen is updated with cool new features and improved functionality.  This issue of the Master Builder Advisor is all about the kitchen and ways to rethink your kitchen.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter and the rest of the hot season!  

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 4 Issue 2

With the onset of fall, we reach for the light switch earlier in the day and turn up the thermostat to heat our homes. This issue of the Master Builder Advisor touches on both these topics – new trends in energy efficient lighting and heating/cooling with geothermal systems. "Aging in Place' is a Case Study on a new home with special features that allow the homeowners to comfortably live in their home as they age.

So, turn on the lights, get comfortable and I hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 4 Issue 1

Living with less clutter may seem like wishful thinking at times. However, when given the opportunity and creative storage spaces, we're more likely to put things back in their place. This issue of the Master Builder Advisor is all about ideas on how to get organized and streamline two areas of the home – offices and master suite dressing rooms – and, hopefully inspire you to start to put things in order!

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue and welcome your comments.

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 3 Issue 2

Beautiful fall foliage brings us the promise of changing seasons from hot, humid weather to cold and dry conditions. Dramatic temperature and humidity swings from summer to winter can cause havoc on your home’s interior and indoor comfort.  This issue of the Master Builder Advisor, addresses the importance of maintaining a proper level of relative humidity in your home - throughout the year - to preserve the beauty of woodwork and other valuable furnishings.

Keeping humidity levels between 30 and 60%, not only ensures a healthier and more comfortable home environment, it’s also good for wood too!

Master Builder Advisor - Vol 3 Issue 1

Winters, such as the one we just came through, can give us a wake-up call about how vulnerable our homes can be in extreme weather conditions. This issue of the Master Builder Advisor addresses how you can protect your home, family, and possessions from the devastating effects of unexpected disasters. 

In addition, we proudly announce the new Woodmeister Red Cross Disaster Action Team, which has already helped provide emergency assistance by responding to houses fire in Ware and Worcester MA

I hope you enjoy this issue and, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future issues.