Community Relations

Woodmeister Master Builders supports our local communities by creating goodwill with our neighbors to make the world a better place. With employee involvement, Woodmeister’s Community Relations Initiative provides support to organizations that foster youth development and sow the seeds of a future workforce and better world with strong values and skills.

To qualify for Woodmeister’s support, proposed sponsorships needs to meet the following specifications:


  • Supports the overall Woodmeister Master Builder Mission
  • Has a youth / family focus
  • Directly or indirectly links to the future workers of Woodmeister
  • Fits into the annual giving budget in a balanced way
  • Makes a sustainable difference
  • Diversifies Woodmeister’s charitable work
  • Woodmeister should be active or involved with the organization
  • Creates a positive brand image in our markets

For more information, please contact us as:

Woodmeister Master Builders
One Woodmeister Way
HoldenMA 01520