A Legacy in Craftsmanship 40+ Years in the Making

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While our craftsmanship and quality are on display here, the mark of a master builder often goes unseen. You won’t see the creative problem-solving, innovative engineering and true ingenuity. The permitting, coordinating and collaborating. If we do our job right, what you get is much more than what you see, and the story you’re left with is that of the homeowner and not of the contractor.

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What does it mean to be a master builder? It means that no matter the service across the full spectrum of construction, renovation and millwork trades, Woodmeister orchestrates the project, alongside the design team, with advanced consideration for each component and how one detail might affect another. It’s an inside out, holistic coordination process that is rooted in historical building methods and produces exceptional results.

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Looking back at over four decades in business, from the second generation of family leadership to apprentices in our millwork shop to the training and promotion of longtime colleagues who know and understand our approach.

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